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Thinking of Promoting your Song Online? – Your first choice should be Sungain.
We are the No. 1 Music & Entertainment platform in Nigeria – We take the Lead all year round ๐Ÿ‘‘  is a Household name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotion in Nigeria..
Over the years we’ve generated over 500 Million Downloads promoting Nigerian Music & Video on the Internet.
Are you a MusicianRecord Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager?
Come Lets Showcase your Artiste(s) work  on our Platform and Experience the true Effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except on sungain.


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For procedures on How to get your Music/Video on Sungain .
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▪️ Did you promise to take over and break boundaries this year? If Yes, you need to work with a Potent blog like us.
▪️ We know what works and what does not works when it comes to Online Promotion.
▪️ We are Nigeria’s No. 1 Music Blog (We are the First, others follows obidiently).
▪️ We have a Team of Dedicated Experts who will handle your promotion the way it should be handled to get excellent results.
▪️ We offer many other Promotional packages that will make your new song or next one a big hit song.
▪️ Want massive Dowloads/Views for your new materials? We’ve Loyal Fans following our Music Section and Updates daily.
▪️ Remember, a good song without a good promotion is a big shit! We’ve millions of Fans home & abroad, let’s help you get your song/video to Million of Nigerians around the world easily.

1. Your Music get Featured on our Website with over 5 Million Pageviews Daily.
2. We Promote your Music on our Facebook Page to over 500k Fans.
3. We Promote your Music on our Twitter Page to over 180k Followers.
4. We Share your Music or Video Link to our ever Effective Users on BBM Channel to Over 100k+ Subscribers.
5. We Guarantee nothing less than 80k+ Downloads on your Songs or Video.
6. Your Artiste get an Official Music Page on Sungain  and many other goodies.
We are looking forward to helping you Promote your Music or Video on SUNGAIN .
Contact us today & You can be the next big thing out of the Music Industry.
God bless the Hustle.
NOTICE:- Sungain  also offers other excellent promotional packages for Music & Video.
Just contact us today and ask for all the types of Promotional packages we offer, You will be amazed when you see the Promotional packages we offer.



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